(COM – Maeve by DarlingMionette/Cary Morton – See it on DeviantART!)

Oh wow, what a long day. I feel like I got something (and then again nothing) accomplished today. I spent most of my morning/afternoon working on the sketch above for a commission *thumbs up* which I finished. YAY $10. It may not seem like much to any of you, but that’s a meal or two sometime this month, so I’m happy.

Aside from that I managed to get two reviews posted, did some dishes (which I hand-wash because my dishwasher is broken). Did some laundry (which I have to hang up to dry in my living room because my dryer is broken … I see a repeating pattern here.) Made a real dinner (barbeque chicken and mashed potatoes. NUMMY.), and found a little time to relax and read part of a book.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get some things that I wanted to get done, done. I didn’t get to write any chapters (even though I have a nifty new idea for a story swimming around in my head right now), and I didn’t get any work done on a character narrative I’m doing for a friend. It makes me feel lazy even though I actually got a lot of other things done today.

On the plus side, I just got a snazzy email from Angela Brown over at Publishness / PartnersInParanormYA¬† &Author of Neverlove to inform me that I won one of the Rafflecopter Giveaways/Blog Hops I recently participated in! I’ll be receiving a copy of Katana by Cole Gibson soon! That drop karma has been ridiculously awesome lately. (That would be the sixth book I’ve won recently.) MUAHHAHAHA.

Moving on. I feel like I haven’t really given any of my small audience a taste of my writing since I got here – which if you think about the fact that this blog is called “Author Unpublished” is rather neglectful of me. I may post some excerpts soon from some of the stories I’ve been working on. I’d love to get some feedback. We’ll see. I have to work up the nerve first. There are so many REAL authors and experienced writers floating around here that the thought of any of them reading my writing is daunting to say the least. Be gentle. I’m a noob.