This Past Week


(Com – Violet by Cary Morton/DarlingMionette – You can see the whole thing on DeviantART)

I just wanted to stop in and talk about this past week, as little as has happened. I spent most of the week doing artwork (see above) for commissions, and I have two more I’ll be doing over the next week *thumbs up*. It’s nice to be back into the swing of things and making money again (art is my only income).

Aside from that, I’ve won another book over at Goodreads: Waiting For Morning by Margaret Brownley (YAY!) Which brings me to a total of 5 books I’ve won in giveaways there. *does a little dance of joy*.

I’ve also spent most of my week getting through Amber Benson’s series of Calliope Reaper-Jones books, and I have to say that they’re honestly getting better with each new book (which is great because the first two were pretty questionable). I’ll be putting out the next review sometime today hopefully, and then moving on to some other books while I wait to get the newest book of the series. I figure you guys need a break, so the next one will be a short historical victorian-era romance. Gotta change things up now and then.

Anyways, that’s it for now, I hope everyone’s had a great week.