Book Review: Across A Moonlit Sea

ImageTitle: Across A Moonlit Sea [Pirate Wolf 1]

Author: Marsha Canham

Genre: Historical Romance / Adventure

Rating: 5 Stars



Description/Synopsis: He was French by birth, half English by blood, and reported to be all larceny by nature. One of Queen Elizabeth’s legendary sea hawks, the rogue nobleman Simon Dante nearly lost his life when his partner turned coward and betrayed him for a king’s ransom in stolen gold. Simon vowed nothing would stop him from seeking revenge … until he found himself at the sensual mercy of a lady privateer.

Beau Spence had learned the hard way how quickly men tired of their spoils. For eight years she had sailed the Caribbean with her father and not once had she met a man who caused one moment of regret for the life she had chosen … until a reckless challenge from the infamous Pirate Wolf forced her to fight back with her own powers of seduction. And when these two renegades reluctantly join forces, it is their firestorm of raging passion that sweeps them into a sea of danger and desire .…


Wow, what can I say? After the last flop of a book I read I decided to grab what I consider “easy reading” which in this case, turned out to be a simple historical fiction. Authors don’t usually try to be too adventurous in their writing when it comes to historical fiction and I find it usually tends to be a little closer to a harlequin than a best seller.

I was so glad I picked this book. At first I had a bit of trouble getting into the first two pages of the story – this wasn’t anything the book had done wrong, it’s just that I’ve been reading so many Urban Paranormal Romances that getting my head into the old language of a historical romance (not to mention wrapped around all the seafarer talk) took me a bit of time. I can’t blame the book for it though if I’m not up to date on old privateering jargon. By the time I met the two main characters however, especially Beau, I was hooked.

The story was full of grand ship battles and plots for treasure that I ate up with a spoon. The characters were rich in personality and motivation, and the friendships fierce and loyal (just how I like them). Oddly, the only problem I came across that I figured others might not appreciate is the first “alone” *wiggle eyebrows here* moment between Beau and her future squeeze, Simon. It had extreme undertones of rapeyness (He doesn’t rape her though, don’t worry). I know a lot of readers will have a problem with their forceful first encounter, but let me assure you that not only did he not hurt her physically, he didn’t hurt her emotionally.

Beau is not some simpering flower stuck on board a vessel. She’s a merchant’s daughter, and probably the scariest thing you’d find on that ship other than Simon himself. That includes his cannibal first-mate. Simon doesn’t scare her – he riles her up and puts himself in a good position for her to castrate him (she even tries once!). I wouldn’t want to be on Beau’s bad side.  Despite the rapey undertones with the way they first encounter each other, however, not once did it bother me. Maybe I’m just one of those people who can say “eh, it’s a book” and move on, but I think the reason it didn’t bother me was that it didn’t seem to bother Beau. It just made her angry – and Beau angry is highly entertaining.  So if you have a problem with borderline rapey scenes in books, rest assured that this scene probably won’t bother you as much as you think. Try to give it a chance anyway.

If you love Historical Romance Fiction, Pirates, and Adventure, give this book a try. You won’t be disappointed.  Shortest review ever! I have no real complaints.

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