Like Free Books? Me too.

So, for those of you itching to read some new books but aren’t really sure where to start, I thought I’d offer up some advice/links for you guys to check out. Now keep in mind this is only a few, but they are well worth it to check out!

First, if you have an e-reader (be it a Kindle, Nook, or even just an e-reader app like E-Calibre or Kindle for the PC), there are a TON of free e-book websites were you can download new e-books. I wish I could recommend some to you guys (and hopefully in the future I will!) but in my experience, they’re often hard to navigate and find decent books that aren’t from the 70’s or another century all together. Sometimes that’s okay… but if it’s not what you’re looking for did you know that Amazon : offers HUNDREDS (yes that’s three digits there) of free e-books for download? I swear this isn’t an advertisement. Keep reading.

Amazon likes to promote their new and lesser-read books, and the books they promote changes daily. I would highly recommend you browse their categories.  Just refine your search by Low to High price and restrict it to 3 stars and up and you’ll get a huge list of awesome books that you can download for 100% FREE.   Just don’t be like me and download like 300 at once. I’ll admit I have a problem.

Second, if you’re not a GoodReads : member, where on earth have you been hiding? GoodReads is an awesome community of authors and readers. You can keep track of the books you own there, write reviews of books you’ve read, make wishlists of books you want to buy, chat about your favorite books (and not so favorite) with your friends, and best of all, they regularly host a huge assortment of free book giveaways daily. All you gotta do is go to Explore->Giveaways  in the menu at the top of the page and click through the list of books. All you gotta do is submit your mailing address and agree to a short agreement (saying you’re over 13 etc) and hit “submit” and before long, if you’re lucky, you’ll be receiving some free books in the mail! You don’t even have to pay for shipping :3

I was lucky enough not too long ago to get one of the first 25 copies EVER of the book “Amelia, Dead & Gone” before it even hit bookshelves via a GoodReads giveaway!

Third, and definitely not the least on my list, there’s a Giveaway going on right now called the Young Adults Giveaway Blog Hop : It ends February 4th (so go check it out NOW). All you gotta do is visit a few blogs on this massive list and do what the instructions tell you and you can be entered to win a plethora of free Young Adult books of all genre’s. (This is why my twitter’s been absolutely harassed today. I’ll admit it. I have a book addiction.) Be sure to check it out!

If any of you know of some other great places to find free books, let me know in the comments and I’ll do another blog on it sometime in the near future. :3